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Vision & Positive Dog Training Philosophy

Gentle, effective dog training.

 At The Mindful Canine our mission is to deepen the bond between you and your canine friend by teaching you the skills you need to understand how to communicate with him. We use only the latest science based, force-free training methods and believe that dogs should be allowed to make choices and be an active participant in the learning process.  Giving a sense of empowerment and control produces a behaviorally healthy animal, which makes your dog a pleasure to live with. Our dogs are constantly learning and it's our job as their guardians to set them up for success and help them understand what we want. We use food, toys, play and real-life rewards to help motivate your dog and get their willing cooperation. It's possible for your dog to be the well behaved companion of your dreams, and we can help you get there!  

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Customized training programs

We know you live a busy life, and it can be hard to find the time satisfy your dogs training needs. Whether you want help with basic training or your dog has a behaviour problem you'd like to address, we have the solution! We offer in-home dog training in Halifax and surrounding areas. In-home training is a huge time saver as we come to you-- on your schedule! We will custom design a training protocol to suit your needs and provide easy to follow homework as well as email support throughout the training process. 

Training programs

Life is complicated; dog training shouldn't be!

We are committed to simplifying the process and helping your canine companion live life to the fullest.

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Meet your Trainer

Dogs and trainer

Miranda Wimbush, Professional Dog Trainer and RVT

Miranda fell in love with animals as a child growing up in rural British Columbia and the Yukon where she would take in and care for all kinds of furry friends, from dog and cats to rabbits, goats and even chickens! Her passion for dog training began as a teen when she discovered agility training as a way to help her abused rescue dog, Chancey, gain confidence and deepen her relationship with her independant  Husky named Zeffie. As she learned more about canine psychology and how positive reinforcement training could improve the relationship and communication between a dog and her guardian, a spark was lit to learn everything she could about dogs. That's when she decided to dedicate her life to animals. 

Miranda undertook formal training and became a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) and worked in vet clinics for 5 years, including an alternative vet practice when she earned a certificate in Naturopathic Animal Care. During the course of her veterinary clinic experience she worked alongside a Veterinary Behaviourist and was exposed to a wide variety of behaviour issues.  In addition, she completed a 3 year internship with a reputable positive dog training company. Needless to say, she is knowledgeable and well versed on the latest scientific based methods of training and modifying behaviour and is certified in Low Stress Handling.

She has counseled clients on behaviour issues and taught obedience, puppy, and tricks classes in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec. She is passionate about helping rescue dogs and has volunteered in shelter training programs as well as assisted with fundraising and awareness campaigns.  During her formative years, Miranda paid her way through school and gained animal handling experience by working in boarding facilities and doggie daycares.

Miranda lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband, son and 3 rescue dogs, Tulip, Roxy and Nelly as well as cat, Alaska. She has trained and competed in agility and frisbee and enjoys hiking, meditation and yoga, weight training and cooking in her spare time.

The Mindful Canine was born out of her desire to help others better understand their dog's behaviour and foster harmonious relationships. Dogs truly live in the now, and being present with them and learning their language and how to communicate in peaceful ways results in a strong bond that lasts a lifetime.

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