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The Mindful Canine's Puppy School

It's the start of a beautiful journey, congratulations on your new best friend!

Your puppies first few weeks home are the best time to begin his education! Our puppy school offers a stimulating social environment that will ensure your puppy has early learning experiences that will positively influence his development. Enjoy watching your puppy play and learn and have confidence that you are getting him off to the best possible start with puppy school!

 ⭐️The Mindful Canine Difference⭐️

  • Gentle, positive training methods to make sure your puppy enjoys learning
  • Small class size for lots of individual attention
  • Handouts and detailed follow up provided to avoid confusion
  • Mindful approach to socialization, designed to move at your puppy's pace
  • Unlimited email support for new puppy parents

The class will focus on:

⭐️Facilitating positive introductions to new people, dogs and environments which will help your puppy to grow up to be social and well adjusted 

⭐️ Building a positive relationship with your puppy right from the start

⭐️Teaching you tips and tricks to make housetraining a breeze

⭐️Teaching your pup behaviours such as responding to his name, coming when called, sit and down which will give your puppy skills he needs to be safe in our world. 

⭐️Teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled which will make vet and grooming visits more fun!

⭐️What to do when your pup chews and bites you or your furniture

⭐️Management strategies so your puppy is safe and doesn't pick up naughty habits 

Class Policies:

Puppies should be between 8-16 weeks at start of class.

Please note we require a minimum of 4 puppies/families to proceed with posted start dates.  Occasionally start dates may be postponed 1-2 weeks to achieve this minimum participation requirement.  Age exceptions will be made for any puppies close to age cut off if classes are postponed.

Please bring your puppy on a partially empty stomach with their dog food and some soft treats. 

We request puppies wear flat (buckle/snap) or martingale collars or harnesses and 4-6' leash (NO Flexi's)

IMPORTANT VACCINATION INFORMATION - Puppies should have received their first vaccination(s) for a minimum of Distemper & Parvovirus at least 7 days prior to attending their first class.  Puppies should not attend classes the same day they receive a vaccination.  Our vaccination guidelines are based on our own veterinarian recommendations, along with the recommendations of the AVSAB (American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behaviour)

If you puppy is ill during the course of the classes, we ask that you advise us ASAP and keep him home to avoid spreading the infection.

Dates: TBD

Classes will run for 5 consecutive weeks and are 1 hour long

Time: TBD


For more information or to register
Contact us at (514) 601-9253 or email

Lots of fun, learning and play await your puppy!

Spaces are limited--don't delay, contact us today!

Learning is so much fun!

Learning is so much fun!