The Mindful Canine's Drop-In Puppy Socials


 It's the start of a beautiful journey, congratulations on your new best friend!  Your puppies first few weeks home are the best time to begin his education! Our puppy socials offer a stimulating social environment that will ensure your puppy has early learning experiences that will positively influence his development. Enjoy watching your puppy play and learn and have confidence that you are getting him off to the best possible start!

All upcoming Puppy Socials cancelled due to Covid-19, contact us so we can match you up with a program that fits your needs.

⭐️Benefits of Puppy Socials⭐️

  • Give your puppy an outlet for all that puppy energy!
  • Helps your puppy grow up to be a social and confident dog 
  • Safe and stimulating environment for your puppy's well being
  • Gives you a chance to meet and connect with other puppy parents
  • Helpful Puppy Success tips given at each social
  • Ask all those pressing puppy questions- Professional Trainer on site during the social! 

Puppy Social Policies:

Puppies must be between the age of 8-18 WEEKS to attend socials. If your puppy is older he may benefit from attending doggy daycare with similar ages of puppies.

You are responsible for monitoring your puppy during the social.

Puppy Socials are on a DROP IN. No pre-registration is advised

We encourage you to practice your training while attending the social. Bring your puppy on a partially empty stomach with their dog food and some soft treats. 

We request puppies wear flat (buckle/snap) or martingale collars or harnesses and 4-6' leash (NO Flexi's)

IMPORTANT VACCINATION INFORMATION - Puppies should have received their first vaccination(s) for a minimum of Distemper & Parvovirus at least 7 days prior to attending their first class.  Puppies should not attend the social the same day they receive a vaccination.  Our vaccination guidelines are based on our own veterinarian recommendations, along with the recommendations of the AVSAB (American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behaviour) 

Please bring PROOF OF VACCINATION to the social or submit it prior to attending.
If you puppy is ill, we ask that you advise us ASAP and keep him home to avoid spreading the infection.

Upcoming PUPPY SOCIAL Dates: CANCELLED until further notice

Time:  10:00- 11:30 am

Cost: FREE for clients, $10 drop in fee for non-clients  


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Contact us at (902)478-3533 or email 

Lots of fun, learning and play await your puppy!